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Medical equipment & supplies

At Sapphire Goshen we excel in sourcing and delivering a comprehensive range of cutting edge medical equipment and supplies. Our offerings encompass state-of-the art medical devices, pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment (PPE). Our commitment to excellence in this sector ensures that government agencies have access to high-quality healthcare solutions to meet their critical needs.

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We understand the importance of efficient and well stocked offices with government agencies, Sapphire Goshen takes pride in being a trusted sources for top-tier office supplies, proving a wide range of office essentials from stationary, paper products to modern office technology.

key differentiators

Specialization: We ensure that our solutions are tailored to meet the agencies exacting standards and compliance requirements

Reliability: Sapphire Goshen is synonymous with reliability. Our clients can depend on us for timely delivery of quality products and services, allowing them to focus on their mission-critical tasks.

Innovation: We stay on the forefront of technological advancement, enabling us to offer the latest and most innovative products and solutions to our government partners.

Cost efficiency: Our commitment to cost optimization ensures that government agencies receive value driven solutions helping them make post of their budgets.

Compliance: We rigorously adhere to all government regulations and standards ensuring that our procurement practices are in full alignment with the requirements of government agencies.



Our expertise goes beyong just products, we offer specialized consulting and management services tailored to the unique requirements of government agencies. Our team of experienced professionals provides strategic guidance, project management and procurement advisory services. We assist agencies in optimizing their procurement processes, ensuring cost-effective, compliance and operational efficiency.

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